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dsc00643Welcome to Coolum OSHC!

We have been offering high quality care for children before school, after school and during school holidays since 1990, and we are proudly owned and operated by the Coolum State School’s P & C Association. Our active and engaging care programs run from Monday to Friday and are for all school-aged children.

Our Service

The School P&C Association is the sponsor body for the service. The Association discusses issues such as Policy, Programming and other management issues as they arise. It provides a way for parents to be involved in the service.

Approved Provider: Coolum State School P&C Association

Approved Service: Coolum Outside School Hours Care & Vacation Care


Our Philosophy

Coolum OSHC values play and play-based learning as an integral part of a child’s development.

We believe that Play:

  • Is a source of great fun and joy.
  • Encompasses children’s behaviour that is intrinsically motivated, freely chosen and personally directed.
  • Helps children make sense of their world
  • Helps develop a sense of belonging and a positive sense of self.
  • Allows the freedom for children to feel confident and competent as learners.

We believe children benefit the most from play:

  • When adults are watchful and helpful but not intrusive
  • When there are places and spaces they can make their own
  • When they are free to gather, make and create in their own time and in their own ways
  • When they can play with others and form relationships
  • When they can interact with the natural world

We value the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF, 1989), in particular:

Article 3: The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect children.

Article 12: Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.

Article 31: Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

We strive to help all children become confident individuals, effective communicators, responsible citizens and successful learners
It is our goal to ensure all children feel safe, included and respected and that they are healthy, active and achieving.



Coolum OSHC cares for all children of school age.

Prep Children may start Vacation Care in the January of the year they start Prep, they may start attending excursions from the April Vacation Care period.

Please read our Parent Handbook for more information about our services and policies.

Pre-Prep parents, please see our transition to OSHC –  Pre-Prep Handbook


To successfully enrol your child, you must return:

  • A fully completed Enrolment Form (one per child)
  • A Direct Debit form for account payment (one per family)
  • Any required Medical Management Forms.
  • A copy of any court orders, if applicable.
  • A copy of your child’s Immunisation Record.
Click here to: Enrol Online

Q: What types of bookings can I have for Before & After School Care?

You have the option of having permanent bookings or casual bookings, or a combination of both. If you choose to book on a casual basis, we ask that you phone us as early as possible. This ensures that we stay within our child to educator ratios and our licensed capacity.

Q: What happens with Vacation Care?

Vacation Care bookings are taken on a separate booking form. The program for each vacation care period is released about four weeks before the holidays begin. All permanent before and after school care booking are suspended for this period and recommence at the start of the next term.

Q: What if I need to cancel a booking casually?

If you have a permanent booking, you may make a cancellation without losing your permanent place.

All cancellations must be made before 6pm Friday the week prior to the care being required. Cancellations made after this cut-off time will incur the session fee.

Priority Access

The Australia Government Priority of Access Guidelines set out the following three levels of priority when filling vacant places.

  • Priority 1 – a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  • Priority 2 – a child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under section 14 of the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999.
  • Priority 3 – any other child.

When the centre has no vacant places and is providing child care for a child who is a Priority 3 under the Priority of Access Guidelines, we may require that child to leave the service in order for the service to provide a place for a higher priority child.

We will give 14 days’ notice if a child is required to leave the service to provide a place for another child.

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